FROM: Ficus Strangulensis - USA

interesting presentation letter and photos of collaborative works and found asemics....yellowsnow poetry.
in a nicely colour sprinkled envelope with a kaleidoscopic back.
Many thanks Fike!

FROM: Ko de Jong - Netherlands

'my weapons'...a fab contribution for the Zine in a Box project, beautiful photograph manually intervened with a nib inlaid in the photo, and cool artiststamps on the envelope.
Many thanks Ko!


FROM: RF. Cote - Canada

interesting mixed media, rubberstamp collage set for the Zine in a Box in an envelope
full of beautiful stamps of Canadian Fauna...and a new one from Circular 132 Reg's zine.
Many thanks Reg!


FROM:  Vittore Baroni - Italy

very original hand drawn perforated set of artistamps for the sPMATSzine project,
and extras drawings and stamps in the same style. with a rubber-stamp seal on the envelope
celebrating the many successful years of Vittore in mail art!
Thank you very much Vittore!

FROM:  Lynn Skordal - USA

beautiful and fun vintage collage set for the Zine in a Box project, with cool extras
in a big colourful envelope with Kim lurking in the distance...maybe reading at note
on the back of the set...likes attract likes. unfortunately for all of us..
Thank you very much Lynn!
www.regular paper.blogspot.com


TO:  Katerina Nikoltsou - Greece
         Heleen de Vaan - Netherlands

for Banana (Hair)Day  :-)

FROM:   Antonio Gomez - Spain

tossing the boundaries between visual and concrete poetry with this cool tribute to Joseph Kosuth, american conceptual artist, for the Zine in a Box project.
Many thanks Antonio!

FROM:  Remy Penard - France

awesome postcard! mixed media collage vispo.. and full of great rubber-stamps and artistamps
on the back.  love it!
Many thanks Remy!


TO:  Tiziana Baracchi - Italy

for Checkpoint

FROM:  Cascadia Artpost - USA

Spring Equinox at Cascadia is always a special surprise, every year a different variety of
flower seeds makes its way to Bavaria to greet the season with vivid colours, instructions and
plants names attached in a big envelope full of beautiful artiststamps and rubber-stamps.
and the treat is a fab artistamp sheet of the mentioned flowers!
thank you very much Jack!!


TO: Eberhard Janke, Edition Janus - Germany

Cultural Revolution - Add/Return only black & white



FROM:  C.M Bennett - USA

awesome perforated set of artistamps for the sPMATSzine project, Asemic Columns
a black and white vertical script on a base that has the texture of a beige linen cloth or of a papirus.
beautiful work!
Thank you very much Catherine!


FROM:  Katerina Nikoltsou - Greece

lovely Easter Greetings from Katerina...mixed media collage and rubber-stamps.
Many thanks Katerina!


FROM:  Chuck Welch, The Crackerjack Kid - USA

Wonderful  set of perforated artistamps, CoMix, that i like so much for the sPMATSzine
project! and lots of other artistamps and interesting material, like the American Indian image, an experiment in photo engraving on zinc plates, created in '77. to celebrate Russell Means
and the AIM,American Indian Movement. as Chuck grew up few hours away of the Rosebud
Indian Reservation.
love the cool rubber-stamps, too!


FROM:  Francis van Maele, Anticham- Ireland

Franticham 's Assembling Box

fab edition of Franticham's Assembling Box, with many international artists works. it is always a pleasure to be part of and enjoy this great original copies documentation.
Many thanks Franticham!